Starting Riverside

By Mindy Wu

With a large student population, transitioning to Riverside High School can be an interesting process, especially when coming from a smaller middle school. For two freshmen twin sisters in particular, Iris and Olivia, this past semester has been a vivid experience of meeting new people and trying new things, both in and out of school. From circus arts to homecoming to math homework to family time, for these two girls, navigating freshman year has been new and exciting. This is both their individual stories and how they have come to settle into Riverside together.

I am incredibly grateful to Sonia, Iris, Olivia, and Victoria for letting me into their lives throughout my documentary project. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know this wonderful family, and I have learned so much from all the time we've spent together. Both Iris and Olivia never cease to inspire me with their numerous passions and admirable qualities, and I'm beyond excited for them to continue to pursue their interests and thrive in high school for the next four years.