About the Project

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Riverside High School is a diverse school that provides extraordinary opportunities for its students. These programs cross a wide spectrum including Durham's only PLTW Engineering Pathway, an excellent JROTC, sports teams that excel and students who are motivated in many different areas. Riverside's website says "Riverside High School welcomes, engages, exposes and empowers a diverse community of learners to foster critical thinking and prepare students for lifelong learning and engaged global citizenship." Our experience as documentary photographers at Riverside proved this mission to be authentic.

The Duke class is called Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood and Growth. Each Duke student spent the fall semester documenting one story, either about an individual, a program or a sport. Duke students produced audio-visual slide shows as well as large final prints for a public exhibit for the students, families, and staff. The website and all prints were donated to the school as a gift. The students want to lend their support for the hard work teachers and staff put in every day to educate the children of Durham.

We are grateful to everyone at Riverside: the many teachers, staff, students and parents! Thank you for letting us tell your Pirate Tales! We hope these stories are as inspiring for you to watch as they were for us to make! As Principal Williams says, Roll Pirates Roll.

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