Engineering at Riverside

By Angel Huizar

We all think engineering is about academics, but it's different at Riverside High School. The program is renowned for its excellence because it is so much more than just academics. Ask any student in the engineering program, and they will tell you themselves that the engineering has so much more to offer than just academics. If offers friendship, family, and most importantly a support network that won't let you fail or fall behind. This is the story of what makes the engineering program at Riverside so magnificent.

Through my documentation of the engineering program, I got to see first hand how wonderful the engineering program is. I was interested in this project because I myself am an engineer. I wanted to compare and contrast the high school's engineering program with my college experience. It's safe to say that this program is very much similar to my college experience. It exposes students to software they will continue to work with in the engineering field, and teaches them material I have seen in my studies. It was a pleasure to work with and join the engineering family at Riverside, and I hope you enjoy the story I experienced.