Live. Breathe. Dance.

By Jasmine Harris

At Riverside High School, I was given the great honors to document dance teacher, Kristin Duncan and her students of the dance program. Kristin is not only a passionate dancer who works hard to create beautiful art, but also a warm and generous mentor, who cares deeply about her students. During my first time meeting with Krstin, her determined attitude, yet comforting presence made me immediately excited to work with her. She is a notable, hardworking woman who teaches dance at multiple other studios across the Triangle. There was never a moment bored with her, as every story that she told was captivating, which is a large reflection of her charming persona and impressive career.

As for the Riverside students, it is obvious that they have adopted some of Kristin's traits. The dance students are extremely talented, and every dance that I saw them perform was just fantastic and mesmerizing. In addition to their profound skills, one of the conclusions that I have made throughout my time with them is how they have developed a family among each other. There is always a time when someone cracks a joke or helps another in a time of need. Thank you Kristin and every student in the dance program for teaching me so much and always making my day more fun!