A Greener and Brighter Future

By Caroline Brockett

Saving the environment is serious business, but for some, it's a passion. Riverside's Environmental Club grew out of a love for spreading awareness about sustainability measures and preserving our environment, as well as a desire to stimulate Riverside community involvement. But what started as a project focused on the Environmental Club grew into something much bigger. Friends and peers converge at Environmental Club every Thursday at lunchtime and leave after their hour of collaborating and discussing, diverging every which way to pursue their other goals, passions, and talents. This project primarily follows Annabel Todd, who embodies multifaceted engagement and leadership as the Environmental Club President, Riverside Marching Band Drum Major, and soon to be Riverside graduate! Following her over the course of the semester brought me from club meetings to English and engineering classes to the band room and football field to the school's greenhouse to coffee shops and a record store and even to a Christmas tree shopping trip.

I am so grateful to have met each and every one of you wonderfully talented and passionate students! I've found it inspiring to watch you all do what you love. Thank you, Annabel, Mr. Thompson, and everyone else involved in this project for sharing your time and opening up your lives to my camera lens. I am thrilled to share a snippet of your lives and achievements with all who come across this video and cannot wait to follow all of the wonderful things you are bound to achieve now and in the future.